Thursday, December 5, 2019

How to Change from Outlook Working Offline to Online?

How do you clarify that your MS outlook connection while it is in online or offline mode?  In the foot of Outlook windows, you will observe either “working offline” or “disconnected” on the status bar which indicates that you should know that Outlook Working Offline message. When you’re working with MS outlook in offline mode, you will not able to send or receive email. If you’re experiencing outlook offline issue continuously, you should follow the instructions suggested by the expert technicians.

Easy Methods to change from Outlook working offline to Online
Method 1- On Windows
  • First of all, you should open your MS outlook just by giving double-click on the outlook app button, which shows like a white “o” on a dark-blue box button
  • Secondly, make sure that your MS outlook is presently offline. There are a lot of indications that shows your MS outlook is presently in “work offline” mode
  • A “working offline” menu will show up in the lower-right corner of the MS outlook window
  • A white “X” on a red menu will show up on the MS outlook app menu in the task bar
  • When you’re verified that your MS outlook is working in offline mode, you need to bring it immediately online by clicking on the send/receive button. This icon is available in the blue banner at the upper side of the Outlook window.
  • Now, you must go to right corner of the send/receive taskbar and ensure that “work offline” option is active. If it correct and option is active, the background of the option will be dark-grey. If background of the menu is not dark-grey, then “work-offline” option is not enabled.
  • You have to click on “work offline” option that is placed in the right side of the toolbar. If the option was not active, click on “work offline” for active one time and second time click on disable it.
  • Wait for a few minutes, you can disappear the “working offline” message. When this mark doesn’t appear from the bottom right corner of the window, MS outlook informs that working online.
  • Finally, you may enable and disable “work offline” feature again before “work offline” option will turn off. With the help of these steps, you can bring offline to online mode in the easy ways.
Method 2- On Mac
For Mac Users, they are strongly recommended to follow the below provided steps carefully and suitably, if outlook 2016 working offline is occurring. Here are some technical instructions to sort out this issue.
  • Initially, make a double-click on the MS outlook app menu which resembles a white “O” on a dark-blue menu to open this application on your Mac operating gadget
  • Next, tap on “Outlook” from the menu bar at the upper side of the display. It opens a drop-down menu appropriately.
  • From the given list, pick up the button “work offline” and tap on it correctly. You will search it in the third menu. When MS outlook is in offline mode, you will observe a checkmark icon to “work offline” option in the main drop-down menu.
  • To disable Outlook Offline mode, check carefully that there is no indication of checkmark next to “work offline” button in the main MS outlook drop-down menu.

With the aid of these described instructions, you can fix Outlook 2016 working offline issue easily. Still, if you’re facing any issues, you can get connected with outlook technicians to get instant support or help.


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