Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How to get rid of Outlook working offline error?

When you receive your Microsoft outlook working offline error, your outlook email server not working appropriately, it can take place when a network connection isn’t available because of your computer system or device. It can take place due to change the password of outlook email account that could be a main reason outlook working offline or disconnected. You need to start your computer again and check out the internet connectivity carefully. If you own a Microsoft exchange account and you should start your MS outlook application to move from offline to online mode. To fix outlook offline error, you should follow below effective troubleshooting steps explained-
Easy and Effective Troubleshooting steps for outlook 2016 working offline error
Step1- Users need to open MS outlook
You should make the double click on “Outlook app” button, which shows the similarity a white “O” on a displayed dark blue box
Step2- Ensure MS outlook is presently offline-
There are many indications that MS outlook is presently in “work offline” mode
       A working offline box will display in the displayed bottom right corner of outlook window
       A white “X” on a displayed red circle will show on the outlook button in the taskbar
Step3- Click on Send/Receive button-
This is the displayed icon at the upper side of the MS outlook window. A toolbar will display at the upper side of the window. Go for next step for outlook 2016 working offline.
Step4- Ensure the working offline button is fully active-
 Ensure that the outlook working offline button is active. The option is displayed on the right side of the send/receive option. If the option is active, the background of the displayed button will be dark-grey. If you don’t find the background not dark-grey, working offline status is not enabled.
Step5- Click on “Work offline” option
This is the right side of the toolbar. If the option was not active, you have to attempt to click on it double time. When you click on work offline mode, you should disable it before starting.
Step6-Wait for “outlook working offline” message to disappear
When the outlook 2016 working offline message disappears from the displayed right corner of the windows, then MS outlook must be online.  After that, you have to enable and after that disable “work offline” feature. After a few seconds, work offline will turn off.
With the help of all these methods, you can fix outlook working offline completely. Your Microsoft outlook must be online easily. Still, if you have any issues, you can call online technical experts immediately.

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