Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Know the steps to turn off forced updates via Windows Support

Microsoft is known for rolling out regular updates to its windows users that doesn’t mean users aren’t having any issues with it. From stuck updates that disrupt the workflow to considerably less storage space, there are several bugs in windows. However, Windows Support team executive provides some simple fixes for them too. 

Microsoft is presently working on a feature that would allow a windows user to postpone update for 35 days. This time period is enough to ensure the update itself wasn’t faulty and would weaken your system. But, there’s still further work that must be done in order to polish up your system.
Transitioning to a newest version of windows from a previous version can also be the reason behind the problem. If you are stuck with your older version of windows then you will have a tough time adapting the new features. Worry not! The issues you are facing are being encountered by users all across the world. By taking Microsoft Windows Support and following the simple fixes you can easily eliminate the issue.
Be familiar with the steps to turn off forced updates in your windows
If you set up previous windows releases, so that they wouldn’t install any update automatically as one forced reboot is one too many. To be fair Microsoft, handles windows post-update reboots more elegantly, but we are still in control from the outside.
There is a workaround for users who can turn the forced updates off in their windows: 
  • From the Start Menu on your windows PC, search for 'gpedit' and after that run the Group Policy Editor.
  • Click on the computer configuration to expand it and find the way to Administrative Templates\ Windows Components and then Windows Update.
  • From the list, double click on configure automatic updates on the list and then choose the enabled radio button. In the left hand box, you need to click on the “Notify for download and notify for install.
  • Now click OK, and you'll get the notifications whenever updates are available. Unfortunately, if you are using a windows defender then there will be a daily irritation in the form of alerts.
However, you can turn off forced updates from the windows update section and choosing from the how updates are installed list. When you are at this section, make sure that the updates from more than once place is either off or set to PCs on the local network. If you need more assistance regarding this, then you can make a call at Windows Support Number and join hands with deft professionals. They will provide you the step-wise simplest procedure to turn off the forced updates in your windows.

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