Monday, July 29, 2019

Repair Office 365 Install on Windows 10 issue via Office 365 Support

Are you confronting issues with one of the programs of Microsoft Office 365? Don’t you want to repair the Office 365 on Windows 10 devoid of actually reinstalling? By taking help from skilled professionals of Office 365 Support you will see how to safely repair Office 365 installation on Windows 10.

Ever since Microsoft launched Office 365, a large number of Computer or laptop users are buying subscription based Office 365 rather than going for traditional Office versions. One of the advantages of Office 365 is that the user will always get to use the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Office. However, sometimes you just need to repair the Office 365 installations which in on the Windows 10.
Steps to repair your Office 365 installed on Windows 10
If you are facing issues while opening or using one of the Office 365 programs, then you need to easily fix these issues by means of repairing Office 365 installation on Windows 10. In this guide, we will walk you step-by-step to assist you in repairing Office 365 installation on Windows 10. For a quick resolution, you can also take Office 365 Help from the experts.
  • Open Start menu and then tap on the Settings icon to launch Settings app. If the Start menu doesn’t open, then use Windows logo + I hotkey to open the Settings app on your windows.
  • Tap on the system icon and then go for Apps & features to see the entire installed desktop programs and apps from Store.
  • Search for Office 365 entry, tap on it to show the Modify and uninstall buttons and then tap on the modify button.
  • After clicking the modify button, you will see the user account control prompt where you need to tap on yes button to see the Quick Repair and Online Repair options.
  • Simply select one of your choices. If any issues still persist, even after trying Quick repair, then you need to go for online repair process.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind is that, you might lose your office customization and settings if you go for online repair.
Once the Online Repair is completed then you will see Office is installed successfully message. However, if you need any assistance while applying these steps, then you can take Microsoft 365 Help at anytime from anywhere. The professionals will provide you the optimum solutions at your door-step.

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