Friday, August 16, 2019

Grab Windows Support to transfer files from USB to PC on Windows 10

As we all know Windows 10 is takes less time in booting up and pretty fast in processing too. You can swiftly transfer virtually any file format and several folders from a USB flash drive to your Windows 10 computer. Also, you can export files to your removable storage devices to share them with more people or create a backup copy of these files. If you are a beginner to Windows 10 and trying to transfer files from USB to PC on Windows 10, then you can use the below mentioned steps to perform the task. However, you always have the Microsoft Windows Support whenever you face any kind of difficulty in doing so or need any assistance.

Walk through with the easy steps to transfer files from a USB flash drive or thumb driver to your computer on Windows 10 operating system.
For this, use these simple steps:
  • Start your computer and go to file explorer.
  • From the left hand side pane click on “This PC”.
  • Now, connect the removable USB drive to the USB port of your PC.
  • One Quick tip is that, if you get a toast notification, then click on it and then choose the open folder to view files options. To know more about this step, you can take guidance from Windows Support team associates.
  • From the Devices and drives section, double click on the USB Flash drive to see its whole data.
  • Select the files and folders that you want to copy or move.
  • From the Home tab click on the copy to button if you want to copy else choose move if you want to move.
  • Tap on the choose location option.
  • Choose the folder in order to import files from a flash drive to your computer system.
  • Tap on the copy button.
  • Once you complete these steps in a proper manner, then the files will be copied from the removable USB flash drive to your computer.
That’s it! This is the simplest method to transfer files from USB flash drive to your PC on Windows 10. If you face any kind of difficulty while applying these steps, then you can put a call on Windows Support Number and take assistance from deft engineers to be familiar with the steps to do the same.

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