Monday, May 13, 2019

Take Office 365 Support to fix office Not Opening issue on Mac

Sometimes, when you try to open office 365 on your Mac PC it didn’t open. By double-clicking on office 365, it flashes for a second and then closes unexpectedly. Now, you become infuriated with this issue because you did nothing that can cause this issue to take place. You need to calm down, as by taking the guidance from Office 365 Support professionals, you can easily fix this issue. Also, we have mentioned some simple yet effective solutions that you can try to resolve Microsoft office 365 not opening issue on your Mac PC.

In addition to this Microsoft office 365 won’t open in Mac error, mostly users also faces some common errors too. These are:
  • The Microsoft word application quit unexpectedly.
  • MS word has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. 
  • MS word can’t be open because of an issue. Check with the developer to ensure the MS word works with the current version of Mac OS X.
As Microsoft office 365 is extensively demanded in the market, so knowing some basic troubleshooting steps are very essential. Here, by the Office 365 Help team we are going to teach you some basic tricks that you can apply to fix not opening issue on Mac.
Look at the tricks to resolve office 365 not opening issue in Mac PC:
Try Running Repair Disk Permissions
  • From the "Go" menu, tap on the "Utilities" to start the Disk Utility program
  • Select the primary hard disk drive for your Mac computer. Then, tap on the "First Aid" tab.
  • To repair the disk volume errors and permissions click on "Run". Click "Done" when it finishes.
Remove Word Preferences
  • Open "Library", click "GO"
  • Then select "Go to the folder” and then type ~/Library
  • Look for file named as "Preferences".
  • After that search for a file named as
  • Then simply move the file to the desktop.
  • Now, restart office 365 to check whether the problem still occurs or not.
  • If the problem still persists, then exit Microsoft Word
  • Put back the "" file to its previous location.
  • Close all Microsoft Office programs in your Mac PC. Then, click the Word icon, here on the left you will see preferences, just click on it.
  • After that click on "File Locations" then select user templates.
  • At here, you need to look for file named normal and move this file to desktop.
Try to Open and Repair office 365 via in-built app
  • Start office 365 then from the File menu, select Open.
  • In the Open dialog box, you need to go for the file that you want to open.
  • After that, from the Open button click on down arrow and then click Open, Repair.
When the repairing process gets complete, you will see your issue resolved. In case, if office 365 still unable to open, then you need to take assistance from the Microsoft 365 Support technicians. They are highly qualified and well-versed with all kind of stuffs related to office 365 and they will surely guide you to resolve your issues permanently.

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