Friday, May 10, 2019

Via Office 365 Support Fix Unauthorized Error 401 during Migration

Whenever people think about a suitable cloud platform, then only office 365 comes in their mind. It has become the preferred destination of many business organizations. Now, it acts as a dominant player in the cloud business and businesses are using this platform to migrate their data at very fast speed. Microsoft 365 Support experts highly recommend taking precautions while migrate the data.  Otherwise, you can see an unauthorized error 401 on your computer screen.

This significant error does not even let the migration started at first place. So, you need to fix this error as soon as you want to transfer your data. Whenever you encounter this unauthorized error 401 or request failed error, then there may be several reasons or causes behind the issue.
Let’s have a look at the reasons behind the occurrence of this error:
  • If the user ID of office 365 account which you are using is different from the UPN (User Principal Name) of the active directory, then you will see this error.
  • When the MFA that is multi-factor authentication is enabled in office 365, then it is not easy to access the mailbox manually. Thus, the unauthorized error 401 takes place.
  • If the entered username and password are not correct then you may face this error within your MS office.
  • If you just create an office 365 account and start migration instantly, then there is possibility that you may see error 401 on your screen. This is because; the domain of office 365 is not registered with the Microsoft DNS.
Whatsoever the reason, if you see error 401, then you need to take Office 365 Support to rectify it instantly. But, before that, you can also try to use the below mentioned solutions to fix the problem at your own.

Start the troubleshooting unauthorized error 401 by pursuing these steps:
  • Firstly, you need to update the administrator credentials.
  • In the exchange admin center make changes in migration endpoint. Also, try to verify the complete detail of the batch migration and correcting the information.  
  • You also need to reset the password of the administrator account if it is too complicated.
  • Try allocating the Global Administrator credentials to the Office 365 account.
  • At last, you can try a different Office 365 account for the migration to resolve this issue.
After changing all the appropriate settings in the office 365 account, you might not see the error and migration will be smooth. But, if the error still continues to show up and you are tired of trying these manual methods, then you should take assistance from Microsoft Office 365 Support professionals. They are highly qualified and know all about Microsoft office 365, also they will provide you step-wise simple solution to fix your issue.


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